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In February 2010, the Netherlands Embassy in Amman moved to its new location in Abdoun Al Shamali. The new chancery is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient building. The building was designed by architect Rudy Uytenhaak, who was awarded the Dutch “Architect of the Year” Award in 2008.

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Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Amman

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September 29, 2015 Lecture by Dr. Luit Mols, 4 October 2015, 17.00, Ras Al Ain Gallery, Amman. For more than 400 years Leiden University has been collecting Islamic manuscripts to benefit the study of Islamic religion, culture and language in the Netherlands. By focusing on selected manuscripts from the collection, in this presentation Luit Mols will discuss the development of script-styles, collecting and signs of ownership, and exchange of knowledge and designs through manuscripts. This lecture is part of the larger Islamic Art Exhibition that the Dutch Embassy in Amman is organising, called "The Art of the Islamic Book from Leiden Collections". More information can be accessed under the 'news' section of this website.

September 23, 2015 A selection of the collection of manuscripts of Leiden University that has been gathered by a Dutch researcher who worked at the university almost 400 years ago will be displayed in the exhibition ‘The Art of the Islamic Book from Leiden Collections; Eastern Beauty in Reproductions’. The manuscripts are reproduced on large panels, because the originals are too fragile to be transported. After several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan is proud that Amman is the next host of this special exhibition. The collection of calligraphy, miniatures and illumination shows the unity and diversity of the historical decorative patterns in the Islamic world. Moreover, this Dutch collection of Middle Eastern art reflects our shared history. You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition. Dates: 4 - 12 October. Times: 10.00 - 20.00. Location: Ras el Ain Gallery, Downtown Amman.